About Bay Area Homeless

Our site is desinged to provide a clear concise view of services by each county. The goal is to help the many in need, give them hope and help them find a way out. The founder is homeless for a long list of reasons in many cases beyond his control. That story can be found on his blogs.

Currently the funding comes from Pete Bennett with occasional help from friends, former customers and generally nice folks that realize the depth of being homeless.

About the Founder

Pete Bennett registered BayAreaHomeless.com about ten years ago after he found himself homeless. Why he is homeless is very complicated with linkage to criminal cases throughout the Bay Area where he performed via his businesses services from owning a cabinet shop, a computer store and a software development firm.

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Pete the Musician

Pete plays in clubs mostly in the SF East Bay but lacks equipmemt due the many thefts of his gear. The lack of stability, funds for housing and his connections again a long running criminal case where Pete is a victim leaves him without a complete set of instruments.

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Pete the Business Person

Pete was born in 1957, lived in New York City, Baldwin LI, Mountain Lakes NJ, Cape Coral Fl and landed in the SF Bay Area in the late seventies. He finally settled in Walnut Creek, Concord, Pleasant Hill, Danville, and Pittsburg.

He started a cabinet shop in 1980 in Concord, then moved to Pittsburg and grew the shop to over 10 Full Time Employees and hovering over 1.5 million in business. During that time he suffered a a life changing accident that nearly claimed his life. The accident was near fatal but the related litigation resulted in a series of finacial setbacks ultimately forcing his growing business to close.

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